Subject to change.

Receiving items: Items are subject to variability. Each piece is handmade and wont indefinitely replicate any items listed on the site. However, careful craftsmanship is put in place in order to produce products as close to items photoed on site. Colors and styles may vary.

Returns and replacements: If items are received and damaged Glassy Designs HI may replace them at no additional cost. It is the customers responsibility to contact the company with such concerns. Items are only subject to replacement 7 (seven) days after the item has been listed as received to attended address. Each order includes a tracking number by USPS and will be deemed to their shipping information. If shipping back to Glassy Designs HI is required, customers will be reimbursed through Paypal for the cost of shipping. A promised return date will not be guaranteed but, will depend on time of product demand. 

Product promised dates: unless specified on items description, a promised date will not be guaranteed. Most items will be shipped out depending on: i. material availability ii. product demand iii. item production time. 

*All items special ordered through email or by other means will apply to these terms.